UCHB and Larry Wilcox Failures

Friday, January 29, 2010

UCHB and the People Behind it (i.e. John Ruberto)

The picture above is John Ruberto (Giovanni John Ruberto).

John Ruberto has promoted these stock SCAMs and should not be trusted.

For more Info on John Ruberto See:

Now.... Moving on:
  "Chips Star (Larry Wilcox) Has Brush with the Law"
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Larry Wilcox and UC HUB are unscrupulous in their dealing with investors.

Larry Wilcox and UC HUB are unscrupulous in their dealings with investors.

An investor sent Larry Wilcox (ceo UCHB) an email requesting information about his company (UC Hub).

Mr. Wilcox wrote the investor back that he would not answer any questions unless the investor provided his my name, address, phone number and personally met with Wilcox in Los Angeles.

The investor sent Wilcox another email asking for clarification regarding his request.

Wilcox (or an associate) then posted the investors name on UCHB’s Yahoo Message Board and called him a Basher.

LESSON: Do Not Provide Larry Wilcox with Any Personal Information.

Wilcox Can Not Be Trusted.

Below is the post from IHUB describing Wilcox’s deceitful actions:

(See: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=45925990  )

**quote on**
Mr. Larry Wilcox and his company UC HUB are unscrupulous in their dealing with investors.

Last week I sent Mr. Larry Wilcox from UC Hub an email request for information that was nearly identical to the post here called “An open letter to Larry Wilcox, CEO of UCHB “.

Mr. Wilcox refused to give me ANY of the information I requested.

Mr. Wilcox wrote that he would answer my questions only if I gave him my name, address, phone number and met with him in person in Los Angeles.

I sent Mr. Wilcox and email clarifying my request for this information.

This morning I find the name associated with my email address posted in UCHB.PK Yahoo! Finance Message Forums. This post called me a “Basher”.

The ONLY association between me and UC Hub were my personal emails to Larry Wilcox. Larry Wilcox either posted the information himself or had someone else do it. There is NO other explaination.

Summary: Because I requested information about UCHUB.PK from Mr. Larry Wilcox, he posted my personal information on the internet and called me a basher.

Mr. Larry Wilcox and his company UC Hub are unscrupulous in how they deal with investors and should NOT BE TRUSTED.

My email correspondences with Mr. Larry Wilcox are below.

From: -removed-
Sent: Friday, Jauary 22, 2010 4:55 PM
To: lwilcox@uchub.net
Subject: Request for UC Hub Information


(I sent this request to info@uchb.net also. I'm not quite sure which is the correct email.)

As an investor in small stocks, I try to do some of my research directly with the company.

Would you mind answering a few questions about your company UC Hub?

1.) Could you please explain the permit number you gave a while back. It still shows it belongs to a “Pulliam, Clark D.” Why is Larry Wilcox, or UC Hub or Rector listed on the permit?

2.) You state that we (UCHB) are 50-50 JV partners with the driller who owns 100% of the working interest which is usually 80-85% of the total well. Are 50% of any profits truly going to go to UC Hub?

3.) Could you please provide the gold and sapphire property permit numbers, and any other pertinent information that can be used for verification purposes?

4.) Could you provide the names and contact info of the actual people you are Joint Ventured with?

5.) Could you provide the actual assay reports from your geologist with contact info and confirmed by an outside independent geologist report?

6.) Lastly, could you provide a plan of operation with projected operational expenses and projected profit?

Thank you for your time and all the best.

-name removed-


From: larry wilcox
Subject: RE: Request for UC Hub Information
To: -name removed-
Date: Friday, January 22, 2010, 9:00 PM

-name removed-,

1. Please provide for me how many shares you own, your address and phone number and so we can send you the appropriate documents.

Larry Wilcox


From: -name removed-
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 8:44 AM
To: larry wilcox
Subject: RE: Request for UC Hub Information

Hello Larry,

I currently do not own any shares of UC Hub. I like to do my research before investing in any company. I have been following a few stocks that are in the gold and gem area. I discovered your company and I think it may be a good investment.

Could you send me a terse email responding to my previous questions?

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,

-name removed-


From: larry wilcox
Subject: RE: Request for UC Hub Information
To: -name removed -
Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 12:16 PM
-name removed-

In all due respect, we do not send confidential information or any information to bloggers or posters who do not politely reciprocate with the questions or answers that the Company requests. I am more than happy to meet with you any time in Los Angeles in good faith.

We have made deals with the company in the oil business we have stated and to do otherwise would be fraud. We have also drilled most of the first well, but is cold and freezing there now so we are on hold. We are planning on some additional leases that we expect to also announce soon in good faith once we are successful on the first lease. I hope you can be patient one or two more months.

We expect to make an announcement regarding our “past inferences” within the next week or so.

In closing, I would be more than happy to meet you face to face and discuss any of your concerns or doubts. We have no agenda, and my agenda is to furnish revenue and not promotion. We do have some “past felons and people” who continue to be parasitic drag, or use surrogates for such but we do not want to address their crimes and instead, focus on the target for this under-funded company, which is revenue. So far we have pulled off these two assets (gold/sapphire mine) and (oil wells) and now the next goal is to produce revenue which we expect to be in MARCH of this year. We think this is pretty spectacular when you realize just how lean we have been and the tenaciousness of the goal under such circumstances……….REVENUE; REVENUE; REVENUE! My goal with such revenue is to then turn the company around with certain properties that are available, and find new management. However, one cannot do that until they prepare a baked loaf of bread….and we must bake at least one loaf first to get to the next rung on the ladder. People will not touch a company that is still in risk mode and does not have revenue. The Catch -22 of this type of situation requires philanthropy and patience. Limited investment until there is revenue; Mergers and acquisitions simply want to rape the company and rape the shareholder; so one can bankrupt, or raise small monies and finish one revenue generating success and then build on that success. That is what the Company is working on for all of us. Once we have revenue we will have some new “fans and friends” who may be mercurial and ephemeral but they are or will be NEW. We will be successful with this goal of REVENUE for sure and we expect 2010 to be a good year for the Company and for the original patient stockholders.

I sincerely wish you well in your life and hope that UC HUB Group Inc meets the original stockholders expectations this year. If you are so inclined please provide your address and phone number as previously requested and feel free to meet face to face which usually helps with any issue, interpretation, illusion and reality. UC Hub has its eye on the target, called REVENUE. One Dollar of Revenue or 100,000 dollars of revenue is not the issue for phase one…….it is simply revenue. Of course, the sour grape personalities will today complain about no revenue, and tomorrow will complain about revenue….because it was not the right color, volume or shape.

Hang in there and watch what loyal tenacity does…….


Larry Wilcox


From: - name removed -
Subject: RE: Request for UC Hub Information
To: "larry wilcox"
Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 1:54 PM

Hello Larry,

Thank you for your email.

There seems to be some confusion. I am not requesting “confidential information” regarding UC Hub. The information I am requesting should not be considered confidential for a public company, such as UC Hub.

I am merely attempting to verify some of UC Hub’s recent press releases. (This is something I always do prior to investing in any company.)

Your recent news release stated that UC Hub will be producing gold, sapphires, and oil this year. Being such bold statements, I would like to verify this information for myself. I hope you find nothing wrong with this.

In reviewing your email;

Are you stating that I must first provide my name, address, phone number, and meet with you in Los Angeles before you will provide the requested information?

I hope you will reconsider my request.

Thank you,

From: - name removed -
Subject: How Dare You Mr. Wilcox!
To: lwilcox@uchub.net
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010, 11:51 AM

How dare you Mr. Wilcox!

This morning after reviewing yahoo’s finance message board concerning your company UC Hub, I see my name posted by someone named “johnruberto”. This johnruberto is posting on Yahoo’s UCHB message board that I am “basher” of UCHB.

The ONLY connection between myself and UCHB have been my emails to you and your company.

My emails were simple requests for information. Because of that, you think you can freely post information about me on message boards!

So because I request information regarding UCHB – That give you the right to plaster my name on the internet. Thank God I did not give you my address, phone number and meet with you, as you requested!

You have the audacity to post my name on the internet and call me names like basher. In all the years I have been investing in stocks I have NEVER come across such behavior from a company..

I now understand why people have been posting such negative things about you Mr. Larry Wilcox and your company UCHB.

Rest assured Mr. Wilcox I will not be investing in your company.

I cannot tell you how furious I am over you behavior.

I must stop writing this email before I say something I regret!


From: -name removed –
Subject: Fw: How Dare You Mr. Wilcox!
To: lwilcox@uchub.net
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010, 2:05 PM

Larry Wilcox and UC HUB,

I’ve been steaming all day about what you did to me!

Because you like to post my personal information on the internet, I will post our email correspondence along with a description of your outlandish actions.

I will make sure that ALL investors realize that Larry Wilcox and UC Hub are unscrupulous in their dealing with investors.

I will take up a torch to spread the truth about you and your crooked UC Hub.
**quote off**

Bottom Line: UCHB is a SCAM !

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

UCHB – Something’s Funny with Larry Wilcox’s Numbers

Let's take a look back at UCHB'sUC Hub) Financial Statements.

Last 7 years - UCHB’s Net Losses and Total Liabilities:
2009   Net Loss: $533,759,      Total Liabilities: $4,458,524
2008   Net Loss: $314,013,      Total Liabilities: $3,611,422
2007   Net Loss: $220,471,      Total Liabilities: $1,819,145
2006   Net Loss: $733,500,      Total Liabilities: $3,002,348
2005   Net Loss: $1,035,576,   Total Liabilities: $2,612,551
2004   Net Loss: $1,352,989,   Total Liabilities: $2,296,264
2003   Net Loss: $1,925,197,   Total Liabilities: $1,829,087

A Loss - EVERY YEAR  - Never Made a DIME -- Really Larry Wilcox?

See if you too can figure out what Larry Wilcox (ceo) is doing.

Year                Revenues            "Cost of Sales"    "Selling, General, and Administrative Expense"
2009                    $0                        $109,654                                    $408,820
2008                $191,704                $173,476                                      $331,792
2007                    $0                            $0                                            $524,998
2006               $306,480                 $370,198                                      $669,782
2005              $2,967,949             $2,129,222                                   $1,874,303
2004             $2,372,057              $1,489,696                                   $1,468,572
2003             $2,851,877              $1,920,615                                   $2,239,106

(Source: http://uchb-fraud.blogspot.com/ )

Even in the years that UCHB actually had Revenue…..

It always seems that the “Cost of Sales” plus the “Selling, General, and Administrative Expense” is always more than UCHB’s Revenue.

Even when UCHB has $2.8 Million (FY 2003) in Revenue the Cost and Expenses were $4+ Million …

Another Loosing Year…… Funny?

“Selling, General, and Administrative Expense” can be almost anything Wilcox wants it to be. I’m sure he wouldn’t use this for anything personal.

What is a SLUSH FUND again?

If you don’t think Larry Wilcox is making Money here…. Maybe you’re not seeing the FULL PICTURE.

Here's Some More Fun Info Larry Wilcox: http://lyfetec.blogspot.com/2009/04/larry-wilcox-fun-information.html

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Facts on UCHB and Larry Wilcox's SCAM

Quick review for those new to this stock (UCHB):

- In 10+ years - UCHB and Larry Wilcox have NEVER shown a Profit 
- $20 million in accumulated losses
- $16 million in paid-in capital
- $500k in market cap
- Last 4 quarters' revenues - $0
- Working capital - negative $3 million
- Tangible book value - negative $4.4 million
- 1 employee (Larry Wilcox ceo)
- Long history of failed projects
- Illiquid stock (very little activity)
- Stock recently moved to pink sheets for missed filing
- But Great Sounding Press Releases!
(Thanks to kezzek for this info!)

Google: +UCHB +SCAM

View ALL the FACTS - and then decide for yourself.
– Seems fair enough.

As An Investor – How Gullible Are You?

Larry Wilcox - ceo of UC Hub (UCHB.PK)

Frank Beals - Larry Wilcox's Gofer   (His picture says it all.  - too funny Frank!)

Larry Wilcox (UCHB) Failures (1-25)

Failure #1: Wickenburg Gold Mine

Dec 2008 to Aug 2009

Comment: Total Failure, No Gold, No Revenue, Just many Press Releases

Google: +Gold +"UC HUB"

Or look through some of the BOGUS PRESS RELEASES :

UC Hub Group Signs Escrow Agreement With TSHL on Mining Properties Jun 18, 2009 13:50 ET

UC Hub Group Announces the Acquisition of a Gold Recovery Wash Plant Apr 23, 2009 09:51 ET

UC Hub Group Due Diligence Continues on Wickenburg Gold Mining Claim Apr 13, 2009 14:04 ET

UC HUB Group, Inc. Completes Second Assay Re-Confirming Gold Feb 10, 2009 13:51 ET

UC Hub Group, Inc. Confirms Gold With Assay Feb 09, 2009 09:55 ET

UC Hub Group, Inc. Closes Precious Mineral Claim Acquisitions Feb 03, 2009 08:00 ET

UC Hub Group, Inc. Begins Additional Gold and Silver Assays on Mineral Properties in Nevada and Arizona Jan 26, 2009 10:46 ET

UC Hub Group, Inc. Reports Early Stage Exploration of Wickenburg Property Jan 21, 2009 11:04 ET

UC Hub Group, Inc. Acquires Mining Assets From Tri-Star Holdings, Inc. Jan 07, 2009 07:09 ET

Here's a picture of Larry Wilcox (yellow hat in back), Frank Beals (overweight man in white shirt), & others "mining"

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #2: Global TV Network

July 2008 – present

Comment: Total Failure. Never made a Dime. Just empty promises of 1000s of international TV stations, Deals with Amazon.com, broadcasting championship fights, payper view, etc.

Made for a lot of Press Releases – that NEVER came true.

Google +”UC HUB” + “Global TV”

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #3: Sky Pacific Merger

Aug 2008 to Oct 2008

Comment: Another Failure, No Merger, No $20 Million of funding for the alternative energy system, No sale of Electricity Per Auto ("ELPA") equipment in Guatemala City for $3,250,000,
Nothing but more Press Releases that never came true.

Google +”UC hub” +” Sky Pacific”
http://www.marketwire.com/ (Search News: UC HUB)

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #4: Voter Communications Inc.

March 2008 - July 2008

Comment: Wilcox/UCHB never merged with VoterComm, Never entered the political consulting industry, Larry Wilcox was never introduced to members of the American Association of Political Consultants, NEVER HAPPENED, But made for some good Press Releases.

Google +”UC hub” +”Voter Communications”
http://www.marketwire.com/ (Search News: UC HUB)

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #5: DCL Environmental Systems

Nov 2006 – Sept 2008

Comment: No contract with Native American groups in Alaska, No proprietary software and wastewater treatment system, No “seven figure range” budget for DCL, - NOTHING but - you guessed it – MORE Press Release from Larry Wilcox.

Google: +”UC HUB” +”DCL Environmental Systems”





(Enter: DCL Environmental Systems)


Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #6: TMG Holdings Inc

July 2008

Comment: No Equity and Warrants, No Re-Structuring, No new spin out company for UC Hub creditors, No company to market for a "beach lifestyle" and surfing accessories, No beach lifestyle TV Channel to be broadcast, No $1.4 Million dollar industrial building near Los Angeles Airport, NOTHING.

Google: +"UC HUB" +"TMG Holdings"




(Enter: TMG Holdings)

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #7: ShizzleCash


Comment: YES ShizzleCash –And No I didn’t make this up - What can I say – Shizzle was a Fizzle – Another Wilcox Failure.

Look through the pictures in the links below for some ShizzleFun -Fo’ Shizzle!

Google: +"Larry Wilcox" +ShizzleCash





Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #8: Strategic Card Solutions


Comment: Never sold the 200,000 eSAFE cards, Never focused on servicing the Latino workforce throughout Nevada, California, and Arizona, Never issued cards through casinos, trade unions, major employers, payroll and human resource service providers


Google: +"UC HUB" +"Strategic Card Solutions"


Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #9: AFRICARDS


Comment: Wilcox Never actually had an “African virtual banking business”, Never actually sold any AFRICARDS, Larry Wilcox/UCHUB Never actually got “more than $100 Million in revenue”, Actually it was a Total Failure!






Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #10: GreenZap

circa: 2008

Comments: Larry Wilcox/UCHB purchased all the assets of GreenZap in early 2008. (GreenZap was an online payment system.)

On Feb 25, 2008 Wilcox put out a Press Release that contained the following QUOTES:
- "Revenue of More Than $600,000"
- “producing over $50,000 a month in revenue”
- “currently generates in excess of $600,000 annually”
- “UC Hub will also inherit more than 500,000 customers”
- “is similar to PayPal”
- “similar to craigslist”

The Press Release can be found here:


In Fact – GreenZap, owned by Larry Wilcox/UCHB, turned out to be one big SCAM!

See: http://www.bbb.org/san-diego/business-reviews/internet-shopping/greenzap-inc-in-san-diego-ca-20007693/

GreenZap is now Defunct!

Here is an excerpt of Wilcox/UCHB SEC Filing concerning GreenZap:

”On March 31, 2008 the Registrant acquired all of the assets of GreenZap Inc which included the software, backup, and code for online transactions, a 750,000 database, trademarks, and all such related intellectual properties per press release dated February 25, 2008.”

Taken from :UC HUB’s Form 10Q Filed: 2008-06-16
Source: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1072935/000127100808000016/f10q4302008.htm

For Fun
Google +”UC HUB” +GreenZap +Scam

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #11: International Wastewater Systems

Circa: 2006

Comments: On Sep 27, 2006, Larry Wilcox/UCHB acquired the assets of International Wastewater Systems.

Larry Wilcox/UCHB was supposed to form a New UCHB subsidiary out of the acquired assets of International Wastewater Systems (IWS).

IWS was operating a private wastewater treatment system company. IWS was a profitable company, was approved by the EPA, had been operating in Montana and Idaho for nearly ten years, had spent several million dollars developing an infrastructure.


Wilcox/UCHB – Never Made a Dime.

But made for some good Press!

SEC 8K Filing:

Press Release: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2006_July_19/ai_n26930222/

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #12: Championship Boxing Events

Dec 2008

Comments: Larry Willcox/UCHB acquired “worldwide distribution rights in all media for the Boxing Forum (a.k.a. Final Forum Boxing) and the championship fights including and not limited to, Orlando, Las Vegas and Atlantic City and Los Angeles.”

Larry Wilcox said he would begin to “broadcast at least two fights per month using the combination of distribution mediums from cable, pay perview, and IP broadcast which will generate revenues thru advertising, sponsorships with global media sales.” -ummm




Press Release: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Uc-Hub-Group-Inc-929370.html

Wilcox’s Non-Event: http://www.globalweb.tv/sports/boxing_home.asp

Here's Wilcox's website - NOTHING EVER HAPPENED!

Google: +"uc hub" +boxing

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #13: Kids Music TV Network

May 2008

Comments: Back before Larry Wilcox worked with long time scammer Anthony Mellone (MCDA/TSHL/RPDI/Lyfetec) concerning the Wickenburg Gold Mine Failure (Aug 2009), or the Global TV Failure (July 2008 to present) –

Larry Wilcox/UCHB partnered with Anthony Mellone and his Rapid Fitness Scam

– specifically Anthony Mellone’s subsidiary Kids Music TV Network.

“Rapid Fitness is partnering with E-Safe, a subsidiary of UC Hub, Inc."

“said Anthony Mellone, Rapid Fitness's Founder and CEO”

Larry Wilcox was to "implement mobile and web based transactions for Rapid Fitness subsidiary Kids Music TV Network”

Source: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Rapid-Fitness-Inc-861666.html

Wait there's more --then in July 2008, Larry Wilcox buys the "Kid's Music Television Network" from Anthony Mellone.

Source: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Rapid-Fitness-Inc-884312.html

Oh yes I almost forgot to mention –


Wilcox/UCHB Never Made a Red Cent!

"Kid's Music Television Network" - No longer existed after Wilcox!

Google: +"Larry Wilcox" +"Anthony Mellone"

See: http://news.google.com/archivesearch?q=mellone+%2B%E2%80%9DUC+HUB%22+-Carngie+-Carnegie&scoring=t&hl=en&ned=us&um=1&sa=N&nav_num=19

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #14: MED HUB

Circa: 2007 - 2008

Comments: MED HUB was part of Larry Wilcox’s (UC HUB) “Health Education Division”.

It was to ”provide patients with the latest news and information in the health care area.”

It was: ”the latest dot net technology which connects health care providers to the Digital Health Community.”

MED HUB’s focus was Medical Smartcards, Health Passport, Digital Charts,Digital Health, & Health Education.

Here's an image taken from Wilcox/UCHB's website:



Never made a dime!

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20080214170945/www.uchub.net/Health.html

http://medhub.uchub.net/ - Now a defunct part of Larry Wilcox/UCHB’s website.

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #15: Unlimited Diversity, Inc

Circa: 2008

Comments: In Feb 2008, Larry Wilcox/UCHB acquired the assets of Unlimited Diversity, Inc (UDI).

This asset included Patent #7,334724, the registered trademark name “PODER”, and all rights and title to three prepaid VISA approved websites.

UDI had expended over $800,000 to build this patent and company.

These assets were to be used by Wilcox/UCHUB for their international strategic partners.




Larry Wilcox / UCHB Never Made a Dime!

But Wilcox/UCHB Press Release Sounded So Good!

Source: http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/news.html?d=136679

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #16: Cogent Networks

Oct 2006

Comment: Larry Wilcox’s (UC HUB) wholly owned subsidiary, Three-Inc -

“ signed an agreement with Cogent Networks to provide a triple play of voice, video and data to One Queensridge Place in Las Vegas Nevada."

”One Queensridge Place consists of 219 custom homes with prices ranging from $1.6 million to more than $20 million.”

Yep - Larry got the contract to supply 219 Multi-Million Dollar Homes with all their voice, data, and video needs.

So you want to know how it worked out?

Larry Wilcox (UCHB) Blew it AGAIN.



Once again – Larry Wilcox/UCHB – Never Made a Dime!

You Must Read Larry Wilcox’s Press Release:


or here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/20765793

And yes Larry Wilcox still owns the http://www.three-inc.com/ website

Administrative Contact:
Wilcox, Larry fbeals@uchub.net (ummm fbeals???)

Send me your Larry Wilcox (UCHB) Failures/Successes: lastchance24@ymail.com

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #17: PowerFuel

Circa: 2005

Comment: Larry Wilcox’s wholly-owned subsidiary of UC Hub: “eSAFE” –

”signed a contract with PowerFuel to market and sell the eSAFE Cards at 175 retail locations which service approximately 1000 customers per day,
per store.”

”Larry Wilcox, the President and CEO of UC Hub Group, Inc., states, The significant multiple (12X-24X) of this financial services subsidiary (eSAFE)is very encouraging and we are equally excited about exposing the eSAFE card
to 175,000 potential customers a day!”

Larry Wilcox’s excitement can’t be contained---- as he continues:

”We are thrilled about combining this transactional-based business with a complementary residual revenue stream”

And You Guessed it:

That Revenue Stream Was: Z-E-R-O

Another Wilcox/UCHB Total Failure!


Source: http://www2.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=109&STORY=/www/story/03-22-2005/0003239355&EDATE

(Didn't Wilcox used that "complementary residual revenue stream" with his recent Gold & Oil "venture"?)

Send me your Larry Wilcox (UCHB) Failures/Successes: lastchance24@ymail.com

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #18: US STARCOM

Circa: 2005 -2006

Comment: Larry Wilcox’s (UCHB) wholly-owned subsidiary of UC Hub: “eSAFE” –

“has signed a contract with US STARCOM, a leading provider of value-added prepaid services and solutions to the urban market"

Larry Wilcox’s was to:

”provide to US STARCOM electronic payment platform gateways and strategic interfaces for medical software and tools."

Guess What? --- anyone?


Because Once Again –


But the Press Release sounded good – Much like the recent “Oil Well” Press Release!

Source: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Uc-Hub-Group-Incorporated-668867.html

Send me your Larry Wilcox (UCHB) Failures/Successes: lastchance24@ymail.com

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #19: eSAFE Cards Inc

Circa: 2003 – 2009 (current)

Comments: eSafe Cards, Inc. (eSafe) was established in September of 2003 by Larry Wilcox (UC HUB Group, Inc.). eSafe was a transaction-based platform that provides credit and debit card processing services to merchants.


This is one of Wilcox's BIGGEST FAILURES!

Once Again – Great Promises – Great Press Releases –

But alas – Another Wilcox Failure

This was/is one of Larry Wilcox’s Longest Running Failures – (going on 6 years now)

You have to read Larry Wicox’s Shareholder Letter concerning his eSAFE Failure – Made it seem like everyone was going to be RICH beyond their wildest Dreams! (kinda like the current oil thing)


And yes Wilcox still keeps this Failure alive: https://esos.state.nv.us/SOSServices/AnonymousAccess/CorpSearch/CorpDetails.aspx?lx8nvq=3bFN0UzU90S611eJ4sYBoQ%253d%253d

See all the Press Releases (91 in all):

Google +”UC HUB” +esafe

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #20: Amazon.com

August 2008

Comment: Larry Wilcox (UCHB) announced that he had “Signed a Deal With Amazon.Com” for video-on-demand content on Wilcox’s “elaborate ISP” www.globalweb.tv.

Source: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Uc-Hub-Inc-886516.html


Y_E_S: Never Happened!

Another Larry Wilcox Failure.

Who sees a pattern?

Do you really believe Larry Wilcox's (ceo UCHB) Press Releases? (oil, gold, gems, etc.)

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #21: OurTown2

Circa: March 2004 -2009 (current)

Comment: In March 2004, Larry Wilcox (UCHB) paid “$25,000 in cash and 250,000 shares UCHB common stock” for software code “OT2” (OurTown2 or Our Town 2).

Larry Wilcox’s OurTown2 was/is UC HUB’s “Government Software Division” that “interfaces the customer or citizen with municipal government management software.”

This is how Larry Wilcox succinctly describes OurTown2:

"OurTown2 is the company's municipal government software that interfaces the customer or citizen with municipal government management software that has been sold and/or licensed to multiple cities throughout the United States. The software helps municipalities manage their city infrastructure and makes the interface with their citizens more responsive and natural. Our OT2.com website details our government services division and the respective services that are offered."


Yea – No One Else Could Figure it Out – or What Wilcox was Selling.

Guess What? ---Yes.

Another Big Time Larry Wilcox (UCHB) F-A-I-L-U-R-E !!!

Here's how Wilcox's website used to look like:

See all the Great Press Releases: (So Promising - Yet a FAILURE!)

See Wilcox/UCHB’s website from Oct 2007:
(cut/paste the entire link into your browser)

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #22: Tsimshian Environmental Systems

Circa: Nov 2006 - 2007

Comments: Larry Wilcox and his UC Hub subsidiary DCL (DCL Environmental Systems Inc) was supposed to provide software, systems, training and infrastructure to Tsimshian Environmental Systems Inc.

This Tsimshian company was in Alaska, specifically in an area that had an Native Alaskan population.

Wilcox was to acquire 49% of Tsimshian Environmental Systems.

Who wants to guess what happened?


Here are some excerpts from Larry Wilcox’s Press Release:

“UC Hub Group, Incorporated, (OTCBB: UCHB), is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, DCL Environmental Systems Inc, has signed a contract with the Native Americans in Alaska.”

“Larry Wilcox, the CEO of UC Hub Group Inc states that this is another key pillar in defining a digital city and digital environmental solutions. “

“budgets for these new automated systems will be in the seven figure range”

“the next 12 months will be a definable growth period for DCL Environmental Systems Inc”

See the Press Releases:


(cut & paste the entire link above)

(Wilcox/UCHB Failures - the supply seems endless)

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #23: Three, Inc

Circa: 2006 – 2008

Comments: Larry Wilcox (UCHB) formed a company called Three, Inc . Three, Inc had something to do with Voice, Data and Video.

– but Larry Wilcox (UCHB) could never really figure out WHAT THEY WERE SELLING.

Here are some quotes from Larry Wilcox’s Website:

“Three Inc’s IP Communication solution is standards-based with fully integrated components that are future-proof”

“Our solutions offer presence and availability information that allow workers to reach the right person, at the right time, using the right device, when they need immediate answers. “

“Three-Inc extends telephony features and functions to the converged IP network, while providing support for applications such as unified messaging, rich media conferencing, collaborative contact centers, and interactive multimedia response systems.”

“Three Inc’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions enable user and device presence anywhere, anytime, improving decision making and information sharing.”


See it for yourself”

and--- YES

Actually it seems it may have been part of a SCAM:

Google: +"uc hub" +"three inc" +scam

Do a Google Image Search on: +"uc hub" +"three inc" +scam

Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure

Failure #24: Gaming Management Corporation (GMC)

July 2005

Comments: Larry Wilcox’s (UCHB) subsidiary eSafe Inc., signed a contract with Gaming Management Corporation, specifically “Bet Peru”.

Bet Peru provided off-track and sports book betting rooms.

Larry Wilcox was contracted to provide the debit payment service for Bet Peru's gambling network.

Here are some excerpts from Larry Wilcox’s (UCHB ceo) Press Release:

”eSafe has been contracted to provide the sole digital payment and payout alternative to cash used at Bet Peru betting windows and ticket counters.”

“900+ location”

“eSafe continues to work tirelessly”

“eSafe's goal is to tap its unlimited market potential and become the leading virtual banking system”

“eSafe will also sell Bet Peru debit cards for resale to their customers.”

“the initial three year contract with goals to distribute thousands of cards”

“establish 25,000-50,000 active high volume eSafe users within the Bet Peru network”

“UC Hub's CEO, Larry Wilcox, comments, “

“represent a perfect gateway for the eSafe card and its strategic partners”

“foundational cornerstone for an eSafe international network”

“Mr. Wilcox continues"

"such huge growth opportunities worldwide."

So how did this work out ?

The same as all of Larry Wilcox’s (UCHB) Charades:

A Complete F_A_I_L_U_R_E

- Once again.

Yet it sounded so promising - just like his current gem/oil farce.

Source: http://www.redorbit.com/news/technology/177821/esafe_makes_international_debut_as_debit_transaction_provider_for_gaming/
Another Larry Wilcox / UCHB Failure Failure
Failure #25: Western Union

Circa: 2006

Comments: Larry Wilcox (UCHB) partnered with SNC Finances – who operate over 100 Western Unions locations.

This is the very headline for Larry Wilcox’s Press Release:

"UC Hub Subsidiary eSAFE Completes Deal With Western Union Agent, SNC Finances"

These Western Union locations were on the Ivory Coast of Africa.

Here are some excerpts from Larry Wilcox’s (UCHB) Press Release:

“eSAFE .. will provide a pre-paid gift card to the Western African Region with a population of 260 million people”

“SNC Finances ..operates over 100 Western Unions ….with another 600 locations in over 23 countries"

“performing more than 37% of the entire transfers in the Ivory Coast region and over 63% in Abidjan.

“Larry Wilcox, founder and CEO of the UC Hub Group states, "We are excited about expanding the "Virtual Banking" capability of eSAFE to another Continent”

“card is accepted in over 30 million POS or merchant locations and nearly 1 million ATM locations worldwide”

“ eSAFE expects to begin shipping the card products within the next 10-14 days “

"The ability to process these International deals is another differentiator", states Mr. Wilcox, "

“ we will continue to expand this International Virtual Banking frontier as quickly as possible”

Source: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_pwwi/is_200602/ai_n16079026/?tag=untagged

Source: http://www.blacknews.com/pr/esafe101.html

Larry Wilcox(UCHB) made this sound so good!

So What Happened?


Wilcox & UCHB did NOTHING !

All EMPTY WORDS – Once Again.

The only people who openly discuss the merits of Larry Wilcox (and his companies) are those Bag-Holders who hope to unload their stock on some ignorant and ill-advised investor (a.k.a. a SUCKER).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Let’s Review UCHB/Larry Wilcox Year End Filing!

Below is UCHB’s (UC Hub Group)Form 10-K for Fiscal Year Ended July 31, 2009.

This was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Nov 18, 2009.
Source: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1072935/000127100809000009/f10kuc73109.htm

(All images were taken directly from the above source)

#1. Larry Wilcox pockets an Extra $237,218.
- UCHB only has ONE Employee – Larry Wilcox.
- Larry Wilcox is the only officer of UCHB (that draws a salary)
- Larry Wilcox’s salary is $360,000/year
- 2008 Accrued Officer Salary: $466,282
- 2009 Accrued Officer Salary: $1,063,500
- So Wilcox was paid $597,218 in 2009 ($1,063,500 -$466,282)

- That’s $237,218 more than his salary of $360K

(extra info)

#2. This was actually Filed with the SEC:

#3. How is losing more money in 2009 then 2008 an improvement?
#4. Is Larry Wilcox Serious-When he submits a 10-K with this?

# 5. UCHB Hides $251,893?
- UCHB’s “Computers and Equipment” goes from $297,000 to $45,105 in ONE YEAR.
- I’ve never seen a depreciation schedule like that? (a quarter million dollars)
- No Revenue to support the sale of “Computers & Equipment”?

#6. How can you call an increase in expenses a reduction?

#7. $105,900 in Inventory (2008) is now $45,107 under Furniture and Equipment (2009)?
Look under "Fixed Assets" "Furniture and Equipment"

#8 New Math by Larry Wilcox
Under "Total Current Assets" - Why is the $29,884 Negative?

#9  Larry Wilcox can be heard saying "stupid numbers"
Under "Total Current Liabilities" Larry's math skills are off by over $70,000.

#10 But Larry Reviewed this Filing and its Entirely Accurate.

I've gone through many of UCHB's / Larry Wilcox's Filings.  They are FULL of Discrepancies, Errors, and Outright Deception!

If you can't believe UCHB/Wilcox's filings with the SEC -

Can you really believe UCHB / Wilcox's Press Releases?

How Gullible of an Investor are You?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

UCHB is Doing the Same OLD SCAM

UCHB is Doing the Same OLD SCAM !

Find the Fraud: http://uchb-fraud.blogspot.com/

UCHB pulled a Gold SCAM from January to June of 2009.

What UCHB and Larry Wilcox (ceo) are doing now (12-2009) is the same SCAM – just with OIL and SAPPHIRES.

Gold Scam Background: UCHB/ Larry Wilcox traded 190 Million Shares of UCHB stock for some worthless gold mines owned by Anthony Mellone of Tristar Holdings (a.k.a. TSHL.pk, Lyfetec, Macada Holding, MCDA.pk – look at ihub’s board on MCDA).

(Anthony Mellone's a Well Known Scammer- Goolge: +Mellone +SCAM)

Mellone did a big pump-and-dump scam using these mines and was done with them.

So Larry Wilcox (UCHB) decided he would use the mines to PROMOTE UCHB and get more people to invest in his company.

SUMMARY: The mines were worthless and UCHB (the company) never made a dime.

FYI: Larry doesn’t make his $$ from UCHB’s Stock – He makes it from the MANY Investors (a.k.a. “Investment Groups”, “Angel Investors”, etc) he has burned over the years. Look at UCHB's books.

But it made for some great Press Releases – Just like what Willcox is doing now with these stripper-wells (1-2 barrels/day) and worthless Sapphire mines in Montana.

Let’s Look Back at UCHB's Gold Mining SCAM Press Releases –
These are actual quotes taken from UCHB's press release and "stockholder updates" - Source:http://uchb.blogspot.com

(See if this reminds you of what’s happening today with UCHB.):

Jan 5, 2009
“mining operations beginning this month”

Jan 7, 2009
“UC Hub Group, Inc. Acquires Mining Assets From Tri-Star Holdings, Inc.”

“will begin actual volume mining in tons next week”

“UC Hub has an agreement to move forward with these mining excavations with heavy equipment immediately”

Jan 11, 2009
“UC HUB Does Gold Mining Due Diligence”

“larger scale Mining Operations Plan”

Jan 21, 2009
“Wickenberg Placer Gold Property with positive results.”

“Gold is visible in the concentrates retrieved from both bulk tests.”

“We have shown placer gold is in the gravels”

Jan 26, 2009
“UC Hub Group, Inc. Begins Additional Gold and Silver Assays on Mineral Properties in Nevada and Arizona”

Jan 27, 2009
“The Company believes the gold found in the black sands as documented was representative of the area”

Jan 31, 2009
“UC HUB Group Inc has begun discussions with multiple groups regarding the expansion of the portfolio assets in mining”

Feb 3, 2009
“UC Hub Group, Inc. Closes Precious Mineral Claim Acquisitions”

“there seems to be $3.5 Million in value per the asset acquisition”

Feb 9,2009
“UC Hub Group, Inc. Confirms Gold With Assay”

“confirmation of Gold on the property”

Feb 10, 2009
“UC HUB Group, Inc. Completes Second Assay Re-Confirming Gold”

“gold result was 7.060 oz/st”

“Arizona Assay results re-confirmed Gold again, with a 2.06 oz/ton.”

“Two separate chemists and labs have now confirmed that gold exists on the Wickenburg Property”

“the range of gold in a particular zone is from 2.06 oz/ton to 7.06 oz/ton.”

“the presence of gold and as these independent assays confirm for everyone”

“there is no doubt that gold is present.”

Feb 16, 2009
“There is gold on the property”

“Gold prices over $900 an ounce”

Mar 10, 2009
“We have confirmed gold on the property”

“Multiple labs do independent analysis on the property”

“Re-confirmed that gold was on the property”

Apr 13, 2009
“independent assayer that confirmed the presence of gold on its Wickenburg mining property”

“This will further substantiate the presence and value of gold”

“bring us closer to production”

Apr 15, 2009
“Company to begin and consummate the acquisition of mining equipment and/or facility and the subsequent build out of a commercial enterprise”

“Potential of the gold mining claim”

Apr 19, 2009
“98% of gold values recovered”

“Equipment acquisition(s) for a complete gold recovery system for the Wickenburg mining property”

Apr 23, 2009
“UC Hub Group Announces the Acquisition of a Gold Recovery Wash Plant”

“mine that will require this type of commercial production”

“this equipment and its install will greatly accelerate our capability as a mining company”

“The Company has additional mines in Arizona, Nevada and Idaho”

“this equipment to minimize costs and increase profits”

“will allow the company to mine 70 - 100 tons per hour”

Apr 29, 2009
“There is Gold present on the property”



Never another word from UCHB concerning the Gold at the
Wickenburg mine or the other mines in Arizona, Nevada and Idaho.

Except (6 months later) this little blurb in UCHB’s Nov 18, 2009 10-K filing with the SEC:
“Subsequent to the year end, 190,000,000 shares which were placed into an escrow for the acquisition of TriStar Holdings were cancelled”

(All information can be verified from http://uchb.blogspot.com/ - citing data from: MarketWire Press Releases,Global News Wire Press Releases,UCHB Press Releases,UCHB’s Shareholder Letters, Neveda’s Secretary of State,U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission,Reuters,The Better Business Bureau,CBS Corporation,RedOrbit,PR News Wire,The Internet Archive Organization,Larry Wilox’s Websites, etc.)

As an Investor – How Gullible Are You?
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