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UCHB and the People Behind it (i.e. John Ruberto)

The picture above is John Ruberto (Giovanni John Ruberto).

John Ruberto has promoted these stock SCAMs and should not be trusted.

For more Info on John Ruberto See:

Now.... Moving on:
  "Chips Star (Larry Wilcox) Has Brush with the Law"
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Larry Wilcox and UC HUB are unscrupulous in their dealing with investors.

Larry Wilcox and UC HUB are unscrupulous in their dealings with investors.

An investor sent Larry Wilcox (ceo UCHB) an email requesting information about his company (UC Hub).

Mr. Wilcox wrote the investor back that he would not answer any questions unless the investor provided his my name, address, phone number and personally met with Wilcox in Los Angeles.

The investor sent Wilcox another email asking for clarification regarding his request.

Wilcox (or an associate) then posted the investors name on UCHB’s Yahoo Message Board and called him a Basher.

LESSON: Do Not Provide Larry Wilcox with Any Personal Information.

Wilcox Can Not Be Trusted.

Below is the post from IHUB describing Wilcox’s deceitful actions:

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Mr. Larry Wilcox and his company UC HUB are unscrupulous in their dealing with investors.

Last week I sent Mr. Larry Wilcox from UC Hub an email request for information that was nearly identical to the post here called “An open letter to Larry Wilcox, CEO of UCHB “.

Mr. Wilcox refused to give me ANY of the information I requested.

Mr. Wilcox wrote that he would answer my questions only if I gave him my name, address, phone number and met with him in person in Los Angeles.

I sent Mr. Wilcox and email clarifying my request for this information.

This morning I find the name associated with my email address posted in UCHB.PK Yahoo! Finance Message Forums. This post called me a “Basher”.

The ONLY association between me and UC Hub were my personal emails to Larry Wilcox. Larry Wilcox either posted the information himself or had someone else do it. There is NO other explaination.

Summary: Because I requested information about UCHUB.PK from Mr. Larry Wilcox, he posted my personal information on the internet and called me a basher.

Mr. Larry Wilcox and his company UC Hub are unscrupulous in how they deal with investors and should NOT BE TRUSTED.

My email correspondences with Mr. Larry Wilcox are below.

From: -removed-
Sent: Friday, Jauary 22, 2010 4:55 PM
Subject: Request for UC Hub Information


(I sent this request to also. I'm not quite sure which is the correct email.)

As an investor in small stocks, I try to do some of my research directly with the company.

Would you mind answering a few questions about your company UC Hub?

1.) Could you please explain the permit number you gave a while back. It still shows it belongs to a “Pulliam, Clark D.” Why is Larry Wilcox, or UC Hub or Rector listed on the permit?

2.) You state that we (UCHB) are 50-50 JV partners with the driller who owns 100% of the working interest which is usually 80-85% of the total well. Are 50% of any profits truly going to go to UC Hub?

3.) Could you please provide the gold and sapphire property permit numbers, and any other pertinent information that can be used for verification purposes?

4.) Could you provide the names and contact info of the actual people you are Joint Ventured with?

5.) Could you provide the actual assay reports from your geologist with contact info and confirmed by an outside independent geologist report?

6.) Lastly, could you provide a plan of operation with projected operational expenses and projected profit?

Thank you for your time and all the best.

-name removed-


From: larry wilcox
Subject: RE: Request for UC Hub Information
To: -name removed-
Date: Friday, January 22, 2010, 9:00 PM

-name removed-,

1. Please provide for me how many shares you own, your address and phone number and so we can send you the appropriate documents.

Larry Wilcox


From: -name removed-
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 8:44 AM
To: larry wilcox
Subject: RE: Request for UC Hub Information

Hello Larry,

I currently do not own any shares of UC Hub. I like to do my research before investing in any company. I have been following a few stocks that are in the gold and gem area. I discovered your company and I think it may be a good investment.

Could you send me a terse email responding to my previous questions?

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,

-name removed-


From: larry wilcox
Subject: RE: Request for UC Hub Information
To: -name removed -
Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 12:16 PM
-name removed-

In all due respect, we do not send confidential information or any information to bloggers or posters who do not politely reciprocate with the questions or answers that the Company requests. I am more than happy to meet with you any time in Los Angeles in good faith.

We have made deals with the company in the oil business we have stated and to do otherwise would be fraud. We have also drilled most of the first well, but is cold and freezing there now so we are on hold. We are planning on some additional leases that we expect to also announce soon in good faith once we are successful on the first lease. I hope you can be patient one or two more months.

We expect to make an announcement regarding our “past inferences” within the next week or so.

In closing, I would be more than happy to meet you face to face and discuss any of your concerns or doubts. We have no agenda, and my agenda is to furnish revenue and not promotion. We do have some “past felons and people” who continue to be parasitic drag, or use surrogates for such but we do not want to address their crimes and instead, focus on the target for this under-funded company, which is revenue. So far we have pulled off these two assets (gold/sapphire mine) and (oil wells) and now the next goal is to produce revenue which we expect to be in MARCH of this year. We think this is pretty spectacular when you realize just how lean we have been and the tenaciousness of the goal under such circumstances……….REVENUE; REVENUE; REVENUE! My goal with such revenue is to then turn the company around with certain properties that are available, and find new management. However, one cannot do that until they prepare a baked loaf of bread….and we must bake at least one loaf first to get to the next rung on the ladder. People will not touch a company that is still in risk mode and does not have revenue. The Catch -22 of this type of situation requires philanthropy and patience. Limited investment until there is revenue; Mergers and acquisitions simply want to rape the company and rape the shareholder; so one can bankrupt, or raise small monies and finish one revenue generating success and then build on that success. That is what the Company is working on for all of us. Once we have revenue we will have some new “fans and friends” who may be mercurial and ephemeral but they are or will be NEW. We will be successful with this goal of REVENUE for sure and we expect 2010 to be a good year for the Company and for the original patient stockholders.

I sincerely wish you well in your life and hope that UC HUB Group Inc meets the original stockholders expectations this year. If you are so inclined please provide your address and phone number as previously requested and feel free to meet face to face which usually helps with any issue, interpretation, illusion and reality. UC Hub has its eye on the target, called REVENUE. One Dollar of Revenue or 100,000 dollars of revenue is not the issue for phase one…….it is simply revenue. Of course, the sour grape personalities will today complain about no revenue, and tomorrow will complain about revenue….because it was not the right color, volume or shape.

Hang in there and watch what loyal tenacity does…….


Larry Wilcox


From: - name removed -
Subject: RE: Request for UC Hub Information
To: "larry wilcox"
Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 1:54 PM

Hello Larry,

Thank you for your email.

There seems to be some confusion. I am not requesting “confidential information” regarding UC Hub. The information I am requesting should not be considered confidential for a public company, such as UC Hub.

I am merely attempting to verify some of UC Hub’s recent press releases. (This is something I always do prior to investing in any company.)

Your recent news release stated that UC Hub will be producing gold, sapphires, and oil this year. Being such bold statements, I would like to verify this information for myself. I hope you find nothing wrong with this.

In reviewing your email;

Are you stating that I must first provide my name, address, phone number, and meet with you in Los Angeles before you will provide the requested information?

I hope you will reconsider my request.

Thank you,

From: - name removed -
Subject: How Dare You Mr. Wilcox!
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010, 11:51 AM

How dare you Mr. Wilcox!

This morning after reviewing yahoo’s finance message board concerning your company UC Hub, I see my name posted by someone named “johnruberto”. This johnruberto is posting on Yahoo’s UCHB message board that I am “basher” of UCHB.

The ONLY connection between myself and UCHB have been my emails to you and your company.

My emails were simple requests for information. Because of that, you think you can freely post information about me on message boards!

So because I request information regarding UCHB – That give you the right to plaster my name on the internet. Thank God I did not give you my address, phone number and meet with you, as you requested!

You have the audacity to post my name on the internet and call me names like basher. In all the years I have been investing in stocks I have NEVER come across such behavior from a company..

I now understand why people have been posting such negative things about you Mr. Larry Wilcox and your company UCHB.

Rest assured Mr. Wilcox I will not be investing in your company.

I cannot tell you how furious I am over you behavior.

I must stop writing this email before I say something I regret!


From: -name removed –
Subject: Fw: How Dare You Mr. Wilcox!
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010, 2:05 PM

Larry Wilcox and UC HUB,

I’ve been steaming all day about what you did to me!

Because you like to post my personal information on the internet, I will post our email correspondence along with a description of your outlandish actions.

I will make sure that ALL investors realize that Larry Wilcox and UC Hub are unscrupulous in their dealing with investors.

I will take up a torch to spread the truth about you and your crooked UC Hub.
**quote off**

Bottom Line: UCHB is a SCAM !