Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Facts on UCHB and Larry Wilcox's SCAM

Quick review for those new to this stock (UCHB):

- In 10+ years - UCHB and Larry Wilcox have NEVER shown a Profit 
- $20 million in accumulated losses
- $16 million in paid-in capital
- $500k in market cap
- Last 4 quarters' revenues - $0
- Working capital - negative $3 million
- Tangible book value - negative $4.4 million
- 1 employee (Larry Wilcox ceo)
- Long history of failed projects
- Illiquid stock (very little activity)
- Stock recently moved to pink sheets for missed filing
- But Great Sounding Press Releases!
(Thanks to kezzek for this info!)

Google: +UCHB +SCAM

View ALL the FACTS - and then decide for yourself.
– Seems fair enough.

As An Investor – How Gullible Are You?

Larry Wilcox - ceo of UC Hub (UCHB.PK)

Frank Beals - Larry Wilcox's Gofer   (His picture says it all.  - too funny Frank!)

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