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UCHB is Doing the Same OLD SCAM

UCHB is Doing the Same OLD SCAM !

Find the Fraud:

UCHB pulled a Gold SCAM from January to June of 2009.

What UCHB and Larry Wilcox (ceo) are doing now (12-2009) is the same SCAM – just with OIL and SAPPHIRES.

Gold Scam Background: UCHB/ Larry Wilcox traded 190 Million Shares of UCHB stock for some worthless gold mines owned by Anthony Mellone of Tristar Holdings (a.k.a., Lyfetec, Macada Holding, – look at ihub’s board on MCDA).

(Anthony Mellone's a Well Known Scammer- Goolge: +Mellone +SCAM)

Mellone did a big pump-and-dump scam using these mines and was done with them.

So Larry Wilcox (UCHB) decided he would use the mines to PROMOTE UCHB and get more people to invest in his company.

SUMMARY: The mines were worthless and UCHB (the company) never made a dime.

FYI: Larry doesn’t make his $$ from UCHB’s Stock – He makes it from the MANY Investors (a.k.a. “Investment Groups”, “Angel Investors”, etc) he has burned over the years. Look at UCHB's books.

But it made for some great Press Releases – Just like what Willcox is doing now with these stripper-wells (1-2 barrels/day) and worthless Sapphire mines in Montana.

Let’s Look Back at UCHB's Gold Mining SCAM Press Releases –
These are actual quotes taken from UCHB's press release and "stockholder updates" - Source:

(See if this reminds you of what’s happening today with UCHB.):

Jan 5, 2009
“mining operations beginning this month”

Jan 7, 2009
“UC Hub Group, Inc. Acquires Mining Assets From Tri-Star Holdings, Inc.”

“will begin actual volume mining in tons next week”

“UC Hub has an agreement to move forward with these mining excavations with heavy equipment immediately”

Jan 11, 2009
“UC HUB Does Gold Mining Due Diligence”

“larger scale Mining Operations Plan”

Jan 21, 2009
“Wickenberg Placer Gold Property with positive results.”

“Gold is visible in the concentrates retrieved from both bulk tests.”

“We have shown placer gold is in the gravels”

Jan 26, 2009
“UC Hub Group, Inc. Begins Additional Gold and Silver Assays on Mineral Properties in Nevada and Arizona”

Jan 27, 2009
“The Company believes the gold found in the black sands as documented was representative of the area”

Jan 31, 2009
“UC HUB Group Inc has begun discussions with multiple groups regarding the expansion of the portfolio assets in mining”

Feb 3, 2009
“UC Hub Group, Inc. Closes Precious Mineral Claim Acquisitions”

“there seems to be $3.5 Million in value per the asset acquisition”

Feb 9,2009
“UC Hub Group, Inc. Confirms Gold With Assay”

“confirmation of Gold on the property”

Feb 10, 2009
“UC HUB Group, Inc. Completes Second Assay Re-Confirming Gold”

“gold result was 7.060 oz/st”

“Arizona Assay results re-confirmed Gold again, with a 2.06 oz/ton.”

“Two separate chemists and labs have now confirmed that gold exists on the Wickenburg Property”

“the range of gold in a particular zone is from 2.06 oz/ton to 7.06 oz/ton.”

“the presence of gold and as these independent assays confirm for everyone”

“there is no doubt that gold is present.”

Feb 16, 2009
“There is gold on the property”

“Gold prices over $900 an ounce”

Mar 10, 2009
“We have confirmed gold on the property”

“Multiple labs do independent analysis on the property”

“Re-confirmed that gold was on the property”

Apr 13, 2009
“independent assayer that confirmed the presence of gold on its Wickenburg mining property”

“This will further substantiate the presence and value of gold”

“bring us closer to production”

Apr 15, 2009
“Company to begin and consummate the acquisition of mining equipment and/or facility and the subsequent build out of a commercial enterprise”

“Potential of the gold mining claim”

Apr 19, 2009
“98% of gold values recovered”

“Equipment acquisition(s) for a complete gold recovery system for the Wickenburg mining property”

Apr 23, 2009
“UC Hub Group Announces the Acquisition of a Gold Recovery Wash Plant”

“mine that will require this type of commercial production”

“this equipment and its install will greatly accelerate our capability as a mining company”

“The Company has additional mines in Arizona, Nevada and Idaho”

“this equipment to minimize costs and increase profits”

“will allow the company to mine 70 - 100 tons per hour”

Apr 29, 2009
“There is Gold present on the property”



Never another word from UCHB concerning the Gold at the
Wickenburg mine or the other mines in Arizona, Nevada and Idaho.

Except (6 months later) this little blurb in UCHB’s Nov 18, 2009 10-K filing with the SEC:
“Subsequent to the year end, 190,000,000 shares which were placed into an escrow for the acquisition of TriStar Holdings were cancelled”

(All information can be verified from - citing data from: MarketWire Press Releases,Global News Wire Press Releases,UCHB Press Releases,UCHB’s Shareholder Letters, Neveda’s Secretary of State,U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission,Reuters,The Better Business Bureau,CBS Corporation,RedOrbit,PR News Wire,The Internet Archive Organization,Larry Wilox’s Websites, etc.)

As an Investor – How Gullible Are You?
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